Links to my current publications are available here. If you are having trouble accessing any papers, please let me know and I will be happy to share an author copy with you.

* Denotes equal contribution

Denotes undergraduate co-author

Peer-reviewed research articles:

Maria Cuellar, Jacqueline Mauro, and Amanda Luby, “A probabilistic formalization of contextual bias in forensic analysis: Evidence that examiner bias leads to systemic bias in the criminal justice systemJournal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A - Statistics in Society, 2022+. Accepted.

Alex Reinhart, Ciaran Evans, Amanda Luby, Josue Orellana, Mikaela Meyer, Jerzy Wieczorek, Peter Elliott, Philipp Burckhardt, Rebecca Nugent “Think-aloud interviews: A tool for exploring student statistical reasoningJournal of Statistics and Data Science Education, 2022. 30(2).

Shannon Gallagher*, Kayla Frisoli*, Amanda Luby*, “Opening up the court (surface) in tennis grand slams”, Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, 2021. 17(4), 255-271.

Amanda Luby, Anjali Mazumder, Brian Junker, “Psychometric Analysis of Forensic Examiner Behavior”, Behaviormetrika, 2020. 47, 355-384.

Amanda Luby, Joseph B Kadane, “Proficiency testing of fingerprint examiners with Bayesian Item Response Theory,” Law, Probability & Risk, 2018. 17(2), 111-121.

Amanda Luby, “Strengthening Analyses of Lineup Procedures: A log-linear model framework,” Law, Probability & Risk, 2017. 16(4), 241–257.

Refereed Proceedings

Amanda Luby and Riley Thompson, “Modeling Covarying Responses in Complex Tasks”. Quantitative Psychology: The 86th Meeting of the Psychometric Society, 2022. Edited by Wiberg, M., Molenaar, D., Gonzalez, J., Kim, J-S., H. Hwang.

Amanda Luby, Anjali Mazumder, Brian Junker, “Psychometrics for Forensic Fingerprint Comparisons,” Quantitative Psychology: The 85th Meeting of the Psychometric Society, 2021. Edited by Wiberg, M., Culpepper, S.A., Janssen, R., González, J., & Molenaar, D.

Book Chapters and Other Reports

Amanda Luby, “Decision Making in Forensic Identification Tasks,” Open Forensic Science in R, 2019. Edited by Sam Tyner and Heike Hofmann.

In Progress

Luby, A., Daillak, T., & Huang, S.A comparison of IRT-based methods for spatial responses. In Revision.

Luby A., “Quantifying individual decision thresholds of fingerprint examiners”. In preparation.