As an instructor, I see my primary role as facilitating student learning, where I emphasize skill-building rather than a one-directional transfer of knowledge. First and foremost, I institute structures to create an inclusive classroom environment where all learners feel supported and are given the resources to thrive. I provide my students with authentic opportunities to identify statistical issues across applications, integrate computing into their problem-solving repertoire, and formulate meaningful research questions both in and outside of the classroom.

Current students can take a look at recent syllabi here to get a sense of what my classes are like, but you can generally expect a collaborative classroom where you’ll learn real-world data analysis skills alongside statistical theory. If you are an instructor of a similar course, please reach out and I am happy to share materials with you.

At Swarthmore:

Stat011: Statistical Methods I

Stat021: Statistical Methods II

Stat041: Topics in Applied Statistics: Statistical Graphics and Data Visualization

Stat051: Probability

  • Spring 2020

At Carnegie Mellon:

Stat225: Introduction to Probability Theory

  • Summer 2018

  • Summer 2017

Stat309: Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Summer 2016